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Horwath HTL have completed more than 1000 Tourism Master Plans.

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Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and Leisure projects make up a large part of our business at Horwath HTL and we pride ourselves on having worked on some very significant projects all over the world.

The tourism industry now accounts for more than 9 percent of global GDP and creates 1 out of 11 jobs in the world.

Tourism represents economic sector diversification and, due to its labour intensity, is perceived by many countries as a significant driver of growth as well as for the cultural advantages the industry brings.

Tourism´s extraordinary growth continues to surpass expectations… we are now in the fifth consecutive year of robust growth in international tourist arrivals following the 2009 global economic crisis and well on track to reach the forecasted 1.8 billion by 2030.
Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the UNWTO

At Horwath HTL, we fully understand global tourism and leisure Mega Trends that will shape the future, combined with extremely powerful and detailed data on each of the global regions. Therefore, Horwath HTL is capable of providing unparalleled consulting services in tourism and leisure by expert consultants exclusively specialising in the sector.

Our tourism and leisure expertise can be grouped in the following areas:

  • Destination development strategies,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Institutional support,
  • Project development assistance,
  • Project management assistance.

The strength of Horwath HTL is that we virtually operate in all geographies – enabling us to provide highly specialized solutions for the business challenges our clients face.
Stephane Durand, managing Director, Horwath HTL France

Public policy framework plays a fundamental part in the development and success of tourism initiatives, and forms the backbone of our expertise. We work together with governmental bodies to fully develop a strategy based on technical skill and international best practices to create viable long term schemes that will create value and sustainability.

We offer a range of services for Destination and Tourism Public Organisations, including:

  • Thorough diagnosis of the territory and a proposal for developing a tourism competitiveness strategy with a five to ten-year action plan,
  • Operational marketing plans for destinations and facilities, E-tourism strategies and targeted strategies on specific markets,
  • Technical assistance for strengthening the tourism sector value chain, the improvement of the legal and institutional framework, and the organization of the destination management system,
  • Economic observation and evaluation of public policies.

Each client is a unique individual for us. In our history, Horwath HTL has worked with more than 80 governments in the field of tourism development.
Siniša Topalović, Managing Director, Horwath HTL Croatia

Horwath HTL has extensive knowledge of the Leisure market, which combined with longstanding experience in designing and managing recreational parks, allows us to develop original and viable leisure concepts.

We support private and public investors and developers throughout the creation and life of their tourism and leisure projects, with the following services:

  • Concept development, programming and master planning,
  • Market studies, feasibility and business plans,
  • Investors and operators search,
  • Setting-up public-private procedures,
  • Operational advisory,
  • Brand strategy.

Thanks to our wide network of experts among our permanent staff and affiliated consultants, Horwath HTL is able to provide assistance and be innovative on a wide range of projects, including mixed-use and very specific, cutting-edge or hybrid concepts.

Our experience includes:

  • Destinations,
  • Congress & Event Centres,
  • Culture & Heritage sites,
  • Sport Facilities,
  • Retail & Entertainment,
  • Holiday resorts & clubs,
  • Theme parks,
  • Interpretation centres,
  • Natural & animal parks.