Horwath HTL Health and Wellness Highlights Spa and Wellness in 2014 Edition of The Hotel Yearbook

By On 29th January 2014

Bangkok, 30 January 2014
As the latest member to join Horwath HTL’s global network, Horwath HTL Health and Wellness has debuted their first contribution to the 2014 edition of The Hotel Yearbook. Horwath HTL Health and Wellness, the network’s independent wellness hospitality consulting arm formed in mid-2013 by Ingo Schweder, decided to publish two wellness-focused papers: one addressing the greater global wellness hospitality industry and one targeting Thailand’s health and wellness environment (given the location of their headquarters in downtown Bangkok).

Published annually since 2007, The Hotel Yearbook is a compendium of high-level insights and ideas about the future of the global hotel business, written by and for industry leaders worldwide and distributed at all major hotel investment conferences across the globe. Focusing on strategic foresight and innovation, over 200 CEOs and other senior executives have contributed to the publication since its founding. Ingo Schweder, Founder and CEO of GOCO Hospitality, has been a regular contributor, sharing his outlooks on the wellness hospitality industry each year since The Hotel Yearbook’s beginning.

The Hotel Yearbook 2014, in its eighth edition, is made up of exclusive editorial contributions from more than two dozen opinion leaders from around the world. The publication focuses on the future of the hotel industry and upcoming trends and innovations that will have an impact on its development. Rounding out the content of the book is an extensive collection of country reports written by the consultants of Horwath HTL. Each report gives a brief snapshot of a specific hospitality landscape in 2013 along with insider perspectives on the outlook for 2014 and beyond.

Full copies of Horwath HTL Health and Wellness’ examination of the global wellness hospitality industry and targeted analysis of Thailand’s health and wellness Industry can be accessed via the following link: http://www.goco.co/wp-content/uploads/Hotel-Yearbook-2014.pdf

About Horwath HTL Health and Wellness
Horwath HTL Health and Wellness is the first consultancy of the Horwath family to specialize in the development of wellness-centric projects, including destination spas, bathhouses, hotel and resort spas, and luxury health clubs by delivering dedicated market research and feasibility studies, concept development, and executive recruitment. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Horwath HTL Health and Wellness demonstrates expertise not only on the greater ASEAN region but worldwide, with realized and pipeline projects across Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, as well as Asia. http://main.htl-web.com/health-and-wellness

For more information about Horwath HTL Health and Wellness, please contact Jennifer Wilson, Manager, at jwilson@horwathhtl.com

About Horwath HTL
Horwath HTL (Hotels Tourism and Leisure) is one of the world’s pre-eminent consulting specialists in the hotel, tourism and leisure industries, providing unequalled experience and expertise for client projects around the world through a combination of detailed local knowledge and international understanding. Horwath HTL is currently the world’s largest consulting organization specialized in hospitality, with over 50 offices in 39 countries.

Horwath HTL is a member of Crowe Horwath International, a professional association of accounting and management consulting firms founded in New York in 1915. Crowe Horwath International is currently ranked among the top ten international professional service groups with offices in close to 586 cities in 108 countries. http://main.htl-web.com/

For more information about Horwath HTL, please contact James Chappell, Global Marketing Director, at jchappell@horwathhtl.com

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