Increased proliferation on the hospitality market in the main Polish cities

By On 25th October 2013

According to the latest, fourth edition of the guidebook for hotel investors – Hotel Guidebook Poland 2013 – there is a prolific increase of hotel and hotel rooms in the major Polish cities.

More than 50% of rooms, which are available on the market, are operating under the brand of hotel chains. It is not only in Warsaw but also in Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk Łódź, Katowice and Szczecin. Their share in the total supply of rooms exceeds 80% in Warsaw and Katowice. According to Janusz Mitulski, partner in the consulting company Horwath HTL and one of the authors of the report, it is such an important issue with regards to demanding competition in these cities, especially for investors who are planning other hotels there.

In accordance with experts, the turn of 2012 and 2013 was not an easy time for the hospitality industry. After the dynamic development of the country in recent years, there has since been a significant slowdown which affected the hotel industry negatively. The deterioration of hotels’ results was caused by decreased average daily rate and lower occupancy rate which has been a reason for introducing more restrictive funding criteria for hotel investments by banks.

Foreign hotel chains took advantage of this difficult time and continued their growth in the Polish market. Two distinct trends are emerging, one of them is falling value and decreasing number of facilities belonging to Polish hotel chains, and the second one is growing number of hotels under the foreign brands.

There is no doubt that the Polish hospitality industry has great prospects for the future, but on the other hand only most the competitive and flexible projects will be able to stand up to the pressure from competitors. The occurring gap between modern hotel products, often operating under international brands, and older ones, is beginning to be seen more than ever before. Therefore, the main message that we aim at Polish hoteliers and hotel investors is to observe and keep up with an extremely fast changing market as one of the major methods of getting competitive advantage. For facilities that would not adopt to the current realities it may run out of space in the future.

Hotel Guidebook 2013 is an extensive analysis of the Polish hospitality market of this year which also indicates trends and prospects of its development for the near future. This publication is one of the most important sources for hotel investors, developers, banks, investments funds and representatives of the hospitality industry as well. As it was in previous years, the report has been prepared by experts from hotel consulting companies Horwath HTL and TPA Horwath – one of the leading consulting firms that provides professional services in a broad spectrum of business consulting.

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