Valor Economico Features Horwath HTL- Brazil Global Hotel Market Sentiment Survey results

By On 01st October 2013

Sao Paulo, September 30th 2013

Horwath HTL Brazil, part of the World’s largest and most experienced hospitality consulting network, Horwath Hotels, Tourism and Leisure (HTL), presented, in an exclusive interview with Brazil’s most respected economic newspaper, Valor Economico the results of the Global Hotel Market Sentiment Survey (GHMSS), a worldwide assessment of the expectations of hotel professionals (managers, directors and owners).

The report, introduced by the Horwath HTL Brazil directors, Michael Schnurle and Mariano Carrizo, focuses on analysis of the responses provided by Brazilian hotel managers to questions regarding their opinion on the performance of the hotel market during the first half of 2013 and their outlook for the second half of the year. The publication also provides some conclusions comparing the opinion of the Brazilian market with the opinions gathered in other parts of the world by the Horwath HTL network.

During the interview, the Horwath HTL Brazil team was able to provide some of the main conclusions of the GHMSS, which included a more conservative scenario for the second half of 2013 after a first half that, following with the analysis of the responses provided by the hotel managers surveyed, did not result as expected, mainly in terms of occupancy rates.

Michael Schnurle, Director, Horwath HTL-Brazil said “Though some markets might been experiencing some incipient oversupply scenarios, the growth of the demand is accompanying the development of new hotel infrastructure and, in the midterm, new branded hotels will take the place of current, still old and non-professionalized, hotel supply through achieving higher market penetration in ADR (average daily rate) and AOR (average occupancy rate) terms. “

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